MarketPlace: Paper Products On The Rise

MarketPlace: Paper Products On The Rise

We’re living dual lives: in one, we’re keeping track of our appointments and to-do lists with the help of apps and electronic planners; in the other, we’re doodling in our colorful paper agendas and writing reminders on fancy Post-it-inspired sticky notes. We’re playing with Pokémon and collecting different colored highlighters for our desks. And we’re snapping videos on Snapchat, then unwinding with an adult coloring book — which have become so popular that two adult-centric coloring books landed on Nielsen’s Top 20 “cross-genre bestseller” list in 2015 (Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden and The Enchanted Forest).

How have paper-based products emerged as popular items in such a digitally-charged world? Well, not only have they managed to hold their own in the face of our increasing digital dependance, but greeting cards, agendas, and other office accessories are among the popular “lifestyle” items displayed at gift shops and bookstores.

These products are high-margin Gift & Novelties items that are easy to add and display in your shop or online store as “trend” items. (They can also boost your units per transaction as they are easy, impulse buys.)

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Apr 4th 2017 Ann

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