Sell Us your Closeouts

Craft Merchandise Inc. Closeout Merchandise Buyers
Sell us your discontinued, excess, obsolete & closeout merchandise.
We offer fair and quick offers on closeout or excess inventory. We will purchase any size inventory! 
CMI has been buying closeouts for over a combined 30 years. We have a strong international presence which allows us to purchase across the globe, and also avoid regular distribution. You can be sure with CMI that your merchandise will be exported if that is a concern. 
International Distribution
Over 70% of our sales volume is exported across the globe. When it is important that your closeout merchandise not interfere with your regular U.S. distribution we offer "export only" agreements to guarantee that the goods are not sold within the U.S.
Contact our purchasing department today and find out how CMI can work with you!
Closeout Buyers: 
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Aaron Brown -
(800) 541-0937