Dollar & Discount Stores - Increase Margins with Scrapbooking & Paper Goods

Dollar & Discount Stores - Increase Margins with Scrapbooking & Paper Goods

Grow your Business - with Craft Merchandise -

In today's retail environment it has become increasingly more difficult for independent retailers to keep pace with the large mega-chains. Dollar Tree has bought out their largest competitors and those that remain find it difficult to compete. 99₵ Only Stores have capitalized and zoned in on staple categories like HBA, food, and candy by effectively using their buying power to include strong brand names that independent store owners would not be able to earn the margins needed to stay in business. 

In contrast, those independent retailers who have adopted a unique identity by forging ahead in categories that are under-developed by the mega-chains have experienced exceptional growth and increased margins! One category that has presented the most advantages is Crafts, and there are many reasons why. 

Crafts, Scrapbooking & Paper Goods represent a niche market of shoppers who not only look for value and bargains but also fresh new items on a consistent basis. Craft Merchandise is a standout in the wholesale closeout industry because our focus is on these niche categories. 

 We have something for everyone - 

Craft stores, scrapbook retailers and even retreat coordinators have found Craft Merchandise to be a reliable source for brand name merchandise at incredible savings. We bring in new items almost everyday and always at below wholesale prices. 

Dollar & Discount stores have found Craft Merchandise to be an irreplaceable supplier for Scrapbooking & Paper Goods merchandise that allows their store(s) to stand-out as unique shopping destinations.

 Wholesale buying - Done Online, Done Right! -

Our vision for has always been and remains a Virtual Showroom. We want our customers, of all sizes, from small online re-sellers to 20 store chains to be able to login and place orders without having to wait months to see us at a trade show, or make buying decisions from excel sheets with poor images and a lack of detailed information. We make wholesale online ordering productive, convenient and profitable!

Our registration process is one the simplest in the industry! No need to email documents or read and agree to 20 pages of terms of service. Simply provide your company name, address, email and easily select your type of business. Done. 

If you would like more information about Craft Merchandise Inc. visit us online today! 

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